Kinderland Preschool and Childcare

Kindergarten Care

Children Daycare Centre and PreschoolAt Kinderland, we will work with parents to provide quality care while kindergarteners are not in school. We strive to supplement public school curriculum through the use of flashcards, games, our learning centers, sensory and fine motor activities, music and creative art.

Kindergarteners develop social relationships through free choice time and enjoy unlimited access to quality literature, partnered with weekly letter activities and themes. Art projects build self-esteem and dramatic play areas encourage role playing, communication and taking turns.

We have a variety of fun blocks and other manipulatives to improve fine motor skills which are rapidly developing at this time. We encourage large muscle maturation through use or our outdoor playground and indoor sandbox and also offer kids aerobics and yoga programs.

Our sites are located along several public school bus routes, making transportation to and from school more convenient for working families. Our meal program provides kindergarteners with two snacks and two full meals a day, scheduled around their school times.

To ensure the safety of your child, Kinderland maintains a locked facility at all times, with buzzers, bells and keypad alarms for added protection. Our buildings are watched by video surveillance at all times.