Kinderland Preschool and Childcare

Enrollment Checklist

Children Creating ArtThe decision to enroll your child in a childcare program or preschool is not one to be taken lightly, and with so many childcare options available to you, it can be overwhelming to try to narrow it down to only one. We encourage all parents looking for care to consider all their local options. Parents thinking of enrolling at Kinderland should call their local site to schedule an informational tour and pick up a copy of our parent handbook and registration materials.

Below is a sheet you can use to compare Kinderland with other centers you might be visiting to ensure you are making the best choice for your son or daughter’s care.

Infant Care

1. Do babies sleep on their backs in sanitized cribs?
2. Does the center use SIDS sensors to monitor babies while they sleep?
3. Does the center provide toys and activities to promote babies growth and development?
4. Are toys and materials sanitized regularly?
5. Are teachers nurturing and well trained?
6. Does the center provide formula or food for infants?
7. Is there space for me to breastfeed my baby at the center?
8. How often are diapers checked?
9. How will I know about my baby’s daily care?
10. What supplies am I required to bring from home?

Toddler Care

1. Are materials provided by the center for a daily nap?
2. Is any food provided safe and healthy for toddlers?
3. Does the center provide appropriate toys and activities to promote toddlers development?
4. Do toddlers participate in structured activities?
5. Does the center record diaper changes, meals and sleep times?
6. Will the center work with parents to develop a potty training plan that will work for your child?


1. Are materials provided for a daily nap?
2. Does the center offer a healthy meal program?
3. Is a developmentally appropriate structured preschool program offered?
4. Does the curriculum prepare children for school?
5. Are there plenty of activities to keep children entertained all day?
6. Is there space for active play year round, regardless of the weather?
7. Does my child have to be potty trained to enter the preschool program?

Kindergarten/School Age

1. Does the center provide transportation to my child’s elementary school?
2. Does the center schedule meals and snacks around my child’s school schedule?
3. Are there high interest activities planned specifically for elementary aged kids?
4. Is there a space on the playground to accommodate larger, older children?
5. Will the center be able to provide care year round, including during periods of bad weather and on non-school days?


1. Do any of the staff members have college degrees or special training?
2. Does the staff seem nurturing and well trained?
3. Do the children seem to be happy, safe and engaged?
4. Do the classrooms look welcoming, organized and clean?
5. Is the building secured from the outside and inside?
6. Will the center accommodate the special developmental or dietary needs of my child?
7. Does the site offer regular special parties, activities for families and picture days?
8. Is the center affiliated with any particular church group or religion?
9. Will the center be flexible with my schedule and allow me to drop off or pick up my child at my convenience?
10. When are tuition payments due?
11. Does the center accept subsidy payments through DSHS?