Kinderland Preschool and Childcare

Preschool Care

Children Day Care CentreBefore you know it, your toddler has grown into a 2 ½ year old preschooler! This is such an important time span as a quality preschool experience sets the tone for a successful educational career down the road. Kinderland takes very seriously the job of providing your child with his or her first schooling.

Our preschool program is uniquely designed to meet the educational needs of the children at our center, while still providing for them socially, emotionally and physically. The daily schedule centers around our structured preschool program, which runs Monday through Friday, all year long. The curriculum is created especially for our centers by a former public school teacher and reading specialist with credits toward a doctoral degree. It is implemented daily by caring, well trained preschool teachers.

The major focus of Kinderland’s preschool is on developing early literacy skills. A letter of the week is utilized to teach letter recognition, printing skills and phonemic awareness. Through a daily story, poem, dictation and craft, children learn directionality, prewriting skills and story comprehension. Circle time promotes turn taking, communication, counting and more! There is a weekly theme, from strawberries to circus, to spring time, with lots of fun activities to further enforce these academic skills.

During our less structured time, there are plenty of activities to keep your preschooler both busy and learning. Our learning centers are full of games, toys and manipulatives designed to further introduce scientific, mathematic and reading concepts, as well as refine developing fine motor skills. We offer a wide variety of toys and activities for free choice time, a time which fosters communication, turn taking and more while encouraging individual, small and large group play. Our indoor sandroom and outdoor playground offer hours of large motor fun, along with our kids aerobics and yoga programs. You can feel confident that every moment of your preschooler’s day is designed to maximize his or her growth and development.

Of course, safety is our paramount concern. Our center maintains locked outer doors, and utilizes a variety of buzzers, bells and alarms for added protection. All our areas are monitored by video surveillance for safety.

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