Kinderland Preschool and Childcare

School Age Care – Ages 5-12

For parents of five to twelve year old’s, childcare sometimes presents a difficult dilemma. At Kinderland, our goal is to provide parents with the peace of mind that comes with high quality, responsible childcare, while providing older children with an enjoyable experience that builds upon skills being learned in formal schooling and encourages positive social interaction.

For parents’ convenience, Kinderland offers care before and after school, during conference weeks, during school breaks, on teacher in-service days and of course during the long summer. We are located on several public school bus routes to make transportation to and from school a little easier on parents.

For before and after school care, school age children are provided with healthy meals, homework help and fun activities. These might include going outside to play, art projects, free choice, board games or a visit to our learning centers.

During longer breaks, particularly the summer, Kinderland runs a day camp like program. The curriculum is designed by a state certified teacher with experience in elementary school teaching. Activities are centered around weekly themes and are designed to stimulate school age brains. Cooking projects teach math skills as do board games. Checkers tournaments encourage critical thinking. We do fun science experiments, build dioramas, make fun graphs, write in journals, do reports on exotic animals and make our own play-dough concoctions.

Teachers love reading chapter books aloud to the school age class. Geographic study might include sampling ethnic foods, dressing up in native costumes and even having holiday celebrations from other countries. We purchase craft kids such as wooden cars and design our own art projects to encourage self esteem and artistic skills. Of course, children need time to choose their own activities and free choice time is built regularly into the school age daily schedule. There is also lots of time for outdoor play, water play, use of the indoor sandbox, yoga and the learning centers.

To maintain safety, Kinderland keeps its outer doors locked at all times and protects exits with keypad alarms and buzzers. We also operate a video surveillance system.

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