Kinderland Preschool and Childcare

Toddler Care – Ages 12-30 Months

When your baby celebrates his or her first birthday, he or she can begin to transition into our toddler program. Our staff will work carefully with parents to ensure a seamless transition between the two classrooms.

Our toddler room is set up to encourage lots of free play with plenty of activities to keep the short attention spans of one and two year olds occupied all day long. This includes spaces for active outdoor play for their active little bodies! It is very common to hear music playing in the room and see the children dancing, marching, waving scarves, using instruments or playing under the bubble machine. Once in the toddler room, the structure of your child’s day will also increase, as is developmentally appropriate. Structured time occurs in short increments and includes story time, songs, nursery rhymes, finger plays and lots of arts and crafts. You can expect to get lots of fun projects home, that is after they have been displayed in the classroom for all to enjoy!

When they are ready, our oldest toddlers may transition into a transitional preschool room. This program strives to meet the increasing developmental progress of older toddlers with more emphasis on structured activities, while still maintaining toddler classroom ratios and group size.

Toddlers are still quite young and have many physical needs to take care of. Teachers continue to check diapers regularly. When it comes time to potty train we will work with parents to develop a program that is consistent for home and school. Kinderland provides two healthy meals as well as two daily snacks. We will work with families in the case of special diets. Mats with sheets and blankets are provided for daily rest times.

A grid sheet is maintained in the toddler room to record the important moments of your toddler’s day. These include diaper checks, potty training attempts and successes, meal times, rest times, outdoor play and activities. You are encouraged to check the sheet daily.