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My children have been attending Kinderland since 2009 and I am overjoyed that I choose this center. As a working parent my kids spend as much time with the Kinderland staff as myself. The staff genuinely care for them. My kids kindergarten teachers were both extremely happy with their readiness for school as well. I have always been pleased with their communication, friendly smiles and beautiful, clean facility. I would HIGHLY recommend this center to any family looking for caregivers!


I was lucky enough to get to spend 14 months home with my son after his birth and have family watch him for a year after that. Needless to say, enrolling him in a Preschool/Daycare gave me a lot of anxiety. My son LOVES going to Kinderland, and I feel like the staff genuinely loves caring for my child and all the children there. He is learning life skills and academic skills. As an overprotective parent, I cannot say enough good things about Kinderland. My husband and I are so happy we chose to enroll our son!

Jessica W

I have 3 kids here, 1 at the toddler/infant and 2 at older. At both facilities, I have been very pleased with the way they are with my kids. Friendly, caring staff. I recommend anyone to use them for childcare. My kids enjoy going to daycare and LOVE their teachers.

Scott (Father of 3)

I have been using childcare at Kinderland since 2007 and have nothing but praise for their care. In 2007 my husband and I decided to become licensed foster parents. Over the next two years, we welcomed nine children into our home. We were unsure at the beginning of what we should do about our work schedule and had a foster parent friend recommend Kinderland. We were immediately welcomed into the center by their friendly staff. Each of our foster children (ages ranging from 1 year-8 year) attended Kinderland and had wonderful experiences. The staff bent over backward to accommodate each of our kid’s needs. We faced behavioral challenges, developmental delays, medical needs, and dietary restrictions, along with the inconvenient schedules that go along with foster kids. Kinderland worked closely with us each time we enrolled a child, to develop a plan for care that would meet our needs within the parameters of their license.

They were incredibly sensitive to the unique emotional needs of our kids during such difficult times in their young lives. I always got plenty of feedback on how the kids were doing and their successes and struggles. Kinderland has extremely tight security. This was of vital importance with raising children taken out of their natural homes. I always felt very confident that the staff would ensure my foster kids only left with authorized adults. In 2009 my husband and I left foster parenting behind to focus on our biological family. I debated before my oldest daughter was born on whether I wanted to continue working outside the home. The decision was made much easier knowing that while working, my daughter would receive the best possible care. I cannot say enough about the wonderful care she received from the very first day. That day I picked up a content baby who came home with a smiling “first day” photo.

Since that time many adorable photos have been taken of my daughter, making me feel as if I know about her day even when I am not there to see it. The infant room teachers always made me feel very welcome and very much a part of her care, even while I was not there. I always got clear information about her day and knew I was welcome to call or visit any time. Even arriving unannounced, I found a clean center full of happy, engaged children. From the time she was tiny, she has been bringing home creative artwork that showcases her developing skills. I love to look back at her paintings and projects from when she was just a few months old to see how far she has come. My daughter has advanced from the infant classroom to the toddler and now preschool room and our experiences have been equally wonderful with each move. The staff works hard to ease the transition between classrooms and seems to understand the developmental needs of the age group they are working with.

The toddler room teachers get full credit for my daughter being potty trained! My daughter has always loved each of her teachers and this year requested they be invited to her birthday party. On weekends, she begs to go and even prays at night to get to go to school the next day. As a mother, it makes me feel so much better while working to know how much fun my daughter is having and that she is well cared for in my absence. Now that my second daughter has arrived there was not a moment of hesitation in deciding to enroll her at Kinderland as well. She is already off to a great start! I am looking forward to seeing both of my daughters continue to thrive at their beloved school. Any parent considering childcare or preschool should look to Kinderland. I am so glad I did.


I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with my two children at Kinderland since 2008. The teachers are friendly and always willing to share information about activities, my children’s behavior, and their progress. I’ve received calls from Kinderland staff not only when there is a problem or illness but for positive events or learning milestones, my children achieve in my absence. This allows me to not only handle sickness or discipline but to celebrate my children?s successes as they grow. I know that I can always call or stop in to see how my children are doing and welcomed warmly when I do. It’s a difficult decision to go back to work while parenting young children but Kinderland’s staff and curriculum made me feel certain that my children would be learning in safe, loving hands.

Kinderland has shown to not only be about daycare but about building relationships between parents, children, and their caregivers. I have attended several family activities facilitated by Kinderland free of charge that allowed me to share in my children’s experiences and connect with the staff members that care for them. When I ask my daughter which teacher is her favorite, she may as well be listing the payroll. She can share at least a handful of heart-warming stories with each of her teachers and has told me she didn’t want to leave so she could complete an activity or project.

I’ve had some concerns about my son’s development and Kinderland has been fully supportive of my efforts to both accommodate and challenge him. They are observant and involved, which is crucial with a child with limited vocabulary. At any time I can call and get reports of how he is doing and what he is struggling with. Kinderland staff members’ keen observations of my son’s behavior have been crucial to the success of my child. I have truly seen him bloom since being at Kinderland. My five year old is entering kindergarten already reading fluently. My four-year-old can write and recognize his name (all 8 letters!), write Mom and Dad, and is beginning to sound out unfamiliar words. I attribute this directly to the creative and fun curriculum at Kinderland.

I always know that even when my children are out of my care and at Kinderland I am always in charge. I have needed to make various requests to accommodate my children’s special needs (dietary restrictions, schedule changes, etc.) and even though I know it is an inconvenience, Kinderland staff are always happy to make the requested changes. I know that they are onboard with my parenting plan and goals for my children.


My son is 8 and has been at Kinderland for 4 years. He really loves Kinderland. My son rides a bus to daycare from school and I don’t have to ever worry about him getting there safely. A couple of times my son has stayed home from school and I forgot to tell the daycare. When he didn’t get off the bus the teacher immediately started calling the school and me to make sure he was safe.


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